Can you still use a broken crystal?

Have you ever had a crystal break, chip or crack and wondered what it meant? Is there a spiritual meaning behind it and will the broken pieces still work in the same way? You’re in the right place!


Anything can break when dropped or knocked to the ground and crystals are no exception. Some are incredibly fragile and accidents happen – especially when pets and children are around! Maybe your crystal broke whilst it was in your bag or during travel. Whatever the cause, it’s generally believed that there is little spiritual significance.

Crystals can crack when they are knocked against each other in your bag or pocket and one way to protect them is to place them inside of a good quality bag or pouch when they are not in use.

Small red crystal pouch

If you (or other people!) consider you to be clumsy, it can be a sign that you aren’t grounded so you need more grounding energies like Onyx and Black Obsidian in your life.


Crystals can become damaged when they are exposed to extreme temperatures and can appear to break or crack for no obvious reason. The heating or cooling of the crystal can cause it’s internal structure to become damaged and potentially crack.

Do you keep these particular crystals near to the entry doors of your home, near a window, air conditioning unit or on a shelf above a radiator? It might be time to reconsider where your crystals are kept when they’re not in use.


Many crystals contain natural flaws and fractures on the outside of them or within them and these can make them weaker than crystals without flaws. This is more common with crystal clusters because parts of them may become loose if the cluster is knocked, moved or used regularly.


Sometimes crystals can break or crack for no obvious reason and it is believed that there is a spiritual significance to this.

If a protective crystal breaks, this could be because it has worked so hard to protect you and your home from very harmful negative energy. Spiritually protective stones include Onyx, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye and Smoky Quartz and if it is one of these crystals that has cracked, you should be very grateful and cleanse it as soon as possible.

Some people believe that some crystals choose to break. They can wish to become more than one crystal and separate themselves. As long as your crystal hasn’t shattered into tiny pieces that could cut your skin, you could find a dish, bowl or shelf in your home to continue displaying them on.

If you break a carved crystal, you shouldn’t give away part of it to any family or friends. Crystals which have been carved into the shape of a God or Godess such as Buddha, Ganesha or Quan Yin, an Ascended Master or a power animal should be kept in your home regardless of how broken they appear. The carving has either blessed you with protection from negative energy, dissolved some of your bad karma or chosen to no on her be used as one single crystal. Whatever the spiritual reasoning behind it, these carefully carved crystals deserve to be kept safely in your home for years to come.


So, the question still stands: “can I still use my broken crystal?” And the answer is yes, of course you can! The crystal is still usable and wearable as long as it still attaches to your jewellery as it should. It is generally believed that damaged crystals still carry the exact same healing properties. Look at gemstone beads for example, they weren’t collected from the ground in a perfect round shape! A stone has been broken into so chunks can be collected and smoothed into ball shapes of different sizes. Firstly though, you need to take care of your damaged crystal.


No-one wants sharp and dangerous crystals lying around the home, especially if you’re clumsy and at risk of dropping them onto your toes or someone else’s… Do a quick bit of research to be sure that the crystal isn’t toxic and if it isn’t, you can safely pick it up and smooth any seriously jagged edges down with sandpaper.


Cleanse your broken, cracked or chipped crystal of any negative energies it may have absorbed during the time it became damaged.

Assuming that you have somewhere safe to place them that isn’t in the path of hot or cold temperatures, you can put them back where you found them as separate crystals.

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