How to have the perfect photo shoot

It may sound a little crazy, but during a professional celebrity photo shoot many of photographers will take hundreds of photos of the same pose, the same position and the same smile (which probably gets incredibly sore after ten minutes!). So don’t doubt yourself if you don’t get the perfect shot straight away – your celebrity idols never do either! Knowing that you’re not under pressure to get the perfect shot in one attempt is a good reason to relax and take your time. You can delete all the not-so-perfect shots – only you and your photographer ever need to see them!

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Hold your chin down and your phone up, just a little higher than your face to guarantee the perfect shot! Think about whether you want to show your teeth for a large smile, hide your teeth for a more seductive shot or pout for the camera. Why not try them all? Don’t forget though, the more you take, the more there will be to delete! Unless, of course, you have the celebrity-like luxury of being able to hire someone to delete any not-so-photogenic shots!


We’re not saying you need an app to help you show off your natural beauty, but we all have off days. On those days when nailing the perfect shot seems impossible, why not try using a simple app such as YouCam Make-Up, available on the Android store. Be careful not to edit your photos too much though or you will end up with unnaturally long eyelashes and overly-smoothed skin! It certainly comes in useful for removing blemishes and spots that popped up overnight.


The first step to take when taking a photo is to choose the lighting. Many photographers swear by perfect natural lighting and recommend never getting ready for a photo shoot without it. You will find that your features look lighter when facing, or standing in front of, natural light. Some photographers advise using a ‘ring light’ to attach to your phone for those night  time photos when you just can’t get the right lighting!


‘Awkward hand syndrome’ is definitely a thing, although usually only when it’s time for a photo shoot! Just what are we supposed to do with them? Why not hold a cup of coffee, a pretty umbrella or a outstretch your arms and show off your favourite crystal?

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We love a proper camera and the odd disposable camera shot but if you want to try out some newer technology ideas which make taking a selfie easier than ever, check out some of the tech on the market.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the adverts about how the iPhone 7, released in September 2016, only needs to hear the words ‘take a selfie’ and it will snap its shutter and capture your shot. But for those of us that can’t justify spending so much on a phone to risk dropping it down the toilet, (don’t worry, we’re not judging, we’re simply talking from experience…) there are other options available to save us from the fear of breaking a phone costing almost a thousand pounds.


HTC’s U11 phone is due to be released next month and features squeezable sides which activate the camera, but for stress free photo shoots, an anti-gravity phone case is the golden ticket – plus they are currently available now with no long month of waiting!


Brands including Qteey’s (with prices starting at just £7.99!) have created cases that make your phone stick to walls, while everyone and their mother have heard of selfie sticks, which allow you to hold your phone at a distance to get the perfect snap of yourself or a large group, fitting everyone into the frame.


Drones are all the range and available pretty much everywhere but not all can take photos and videos and send them directly to your phone! AirSelfie is ideal for snapping a flattering selfie and the hovering masterpiece can be controlled with a tap of their app once you have downloaded it onto your phone.

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It’s only 2017 so tech is, of course, constantly improving by the day. With all the available options, we have no excuse not to be able to snap the perfect shot of ourselves and all our friends in even the largest groups. Considering the advancements already made, things can only get better, and we know we can’t wait to see what they will develop and bring out next!


Photo credit: Pixabay

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