How to make the most out of the super moon

Love gemstones? Love the moon? If your answer to both of these questions is a definitive yes, you don’t want to miss the surprises in store this month! Stargazers will be treated to two phenomenons this month: there will be a supermoon arising and a total lunar eclipse!

First we will be treated with the supermoon on 13th July. There was a supermoon last month on the 13th June and one is expected for the 11th August so with the three lined up so close together, astronomers have been getting very excited. The one this Friday night will be the largest – and the closest to Earth – of the three. Get your gemstones ready to be recharged!

Rose Quarts 925 Heart

Unfortunately, we don’t usually get a show when the supermoon arises as they don’t tend to be visible, but it’s believed that the oceans of Earth feel them. It’s recognised that tides change pace and height, as they become extra high and extra low in the days following exposure of the phenomenon.

Your gemstones will benefit from the huge moon too, so put them on your windowsill before the evening’s event or arrange them in the garden to re-charge their qualities and help them to help you make the most out of them! Want to find some more ways to charge your semi-precious and precious crystals? Check out our blog post here.

So, will anyone get to see it?

A few very lucky areas in the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere will get a glimpse of the new moon this month, although they will only be able to see the new moon silhouette – or at least part of it – during a partial solar eclipse. During the super moon next month, people at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to view the second partial solar eclipse, assuming the sky is free of clouds. Good luck!

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