The best ways to protect your skin this summer

It’s officially the first day of summer 2018! Every season of the year is a perfect time for rejoicing in the beauty of nature and appreciating the world around us, but there’s something extra magical about summer and the joy that the sunshine brings. For those of us that don’t burn like a hotdog in the summer sun, it’s great to stay active and soak up the rays. This can lead to a lot of sitting around doing very little and drinking litres of water, which don’t compensate for the dehydrating summer sun and delicious cocktails we couldn’t resist having ‘just one more’ of.


Those of us spending time in the sun should drink at least 3 litres of water. This is simply to keep our bodies hydrated – even when you’re not sweating, you will become dehydrated quickly. Yes, you might spend your day running back and forth to the toilet – and this isn’t ideal, especially when out in public – but would you not rather take that over dehydration and a raging headache any day of the year?! We sure know we would! Those of us who have experienced sun stroke know that it is frightening, incredibly painful and has the potential to leave you bed bound (yes, really). Those of you who haven’t experienced it, do yourselves a favour and protect yourself. Your body will thank you! Don’t forget to eat enough to keep up your energy levels in the high temperature – fruits or smoothies are ideal for an energy boost without making you feel bloated.


Check the dates on last years’ sun cream and lotions, if there is anything left in the bottle! There is a little image on every bottle and tube with a number inside to indicate how long it will last after having been bought. No products should be used past their use-by date and if you cannot remember when a particular cream was bought, that is not a good sign. If you have any leftovers from previous years that have exceeded this then it’s honestly best to bin them and get yourself to the shop for replacements. Unless you’re confident it was bought last year and the image says 18 (for 18 months) you’re not really good to go…

SPF lotions should be applied 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun and frequently whilst outside – although it’s similar to putting oil in a pan… too much will effectively roast your skin so it’s important not to get obsessive with reapplying it. And don’t forget to reapply if you feel like it has been rubbed off on a blanket or clothes and after swimming or taking a dip!
Remember to use an after-sun lotion when arriving home that will moisturise your skin. Many also contain aloe vera – your skin will stay soft, be less likely to peel and many after-sun creams will assist in prolonging your suntan.


Never forget your sun hat when out and about in the sun. The sunshine hits your head first and can increase the risk of dehydration, plus the skin on the top of your head may become damaged over time. Shade your head and save yourself from a headache with a cheap, lightweight sun hat. If you don’t have one then please take the time to buy one. This goes for children too – in fact, even doggie sun hats exist!…


This is one specifically for the girls and most of us here at HNS can agree with this… Don’t be afraid to wear your bikini instead of a bra. Granted, they’re not ideal when going for long walks as they don’t offer the same level of support provided by a bra, but it can’t be denied that a few days without the tight figure-hugging wire isn’t a bad thing, especially when the heat is getting to you and sweat starts forming. Bikini materials are designed for quick-drying after swimming in a pool or the sea so that makes them ideal for coping with sweat too!


Any tight clothing is bound to stick to your skin after not too long of this temperature. This will lead to excessive and unnecessary sweating which may cause the material to run against your skin and cause sores! We will skip the horror story though and just strongly advise you take your outfit into consideration!…


Flip flops will ruin your feet and skin after not-too-long, while pumps will become sweaty and may even need a good wash after returning home. A good quality pair of sandals that do not have anything between the toes are ideal for this weather. They may affect your tan, creating tan lines, but that’s a small price to pay for pain-free walking!

There are so many rules for summer time! Don’t forget to pack sun cream, but don’t use it too often or it will act like oil does in a pan and burn your skin to a crisp. Don’t forget to drink litres of water to stay hydrated and always take an umbrella and sun hat to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It all seems a little boring so when all we want to do is have fun, sometimes these essential rules get forgotten. Try to protect yourself though – your skin will thank you if you look after it and the last thing anyone wants is to end up on bed rest covered in burns or with heat-induced sunstroke, so it’s easier to just stay safe!

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