Do you know the best ways to stay safe in the heat?

It might not yet be officially summer time, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your health. Those of us living in England are set to enjoy the hottest April day since 1949 today (that’s 69 years!) and the temperature resembles that of our summer time (sometimes…) with the scorching sun hitting us with a temperature of 28C (82F) in many areas of the country.

Staying healthy should be a priority but since us Brits don’t see much of the sun, many of us prioritise rushing to the beach or local park to find a good spot, forgetting to cover up, lotion up and drink a lot more water than we’re used to drinking.

Protect your skin

The last thing anyone wants is to resemble a lobster before summer time even arrives! The most common places for people to burn is usually on the nose and shoulders and one of the most commonly forgotten place to use sun cream on is the ears! Use an after-sun lotion when arriving home that will moisturise your skin and contains aloe vera – your skin will stay soft, be less likely to peel and some after-sun creams even claim to assist in prolonging your tan.

Protect your health

Those of us spending time in the sun should drink at least 3 litres of water per person. This is simply to keep our bodies hydrated – even when you’re not sweating, you will become dehydrated quickly and are at risk of sun stroke – a painful headache that may leave you bed-bound. So root for your keep-cool bag and fill it with bottles of water and a selection of fruits or smoothies for a much-needed boost of energy. 

Keep it loose

Ok, by this we’re referring to your clothes. Don’t go out with the intention of tanning your skin in the sun all day – resembling a lobster is not a great look, it’s painful and it’s a quick way to damage your skin in both the short and long-term… Take loose-fitting clothes with you to avoid hot and sticky fabrics sticking to you, especially when (not if, in this weather!) you get sweaty. A thin cardigan or scarf will protect your shoulders and back from the harmfully-scorching rays.

Working hard or hardly working?

All of these points apply to you if you’re working today too – protect your skin with sun cream for when you’re outside on your lunch break, wear loose-fitting clothes for if the multiple fans around the office aren’t enough to keep you cool and drink as much water as you can manage.

So, in summary…

Look after yourself and don’t travel anywhere today without your sunglasses, sunhat, money for an ice-cream and extra water and a good book! We only live once and your skin needs to last you that lifetime. Many skin care companies actually advise that we stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm so if you intend to be out during these times then you need to be extra careful or you will regret it – sorry to break the news! You will definitely benefit from a beach umbrella to cover yourself from the rays during this time, known in many countries as siesta time.

Have a wonderful day and look after yourself. What factor of suncream will you be wearing today? Let us know if our poll and see what the most popular results are – you might be inspired to up your skin protection a notch if you haven’t been already by these crazy temperatures!

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