How to sleep well this winter

It can be a nightmare getting to sleep during winter time. Curled up in a ball shivering under our comfy pile of blankets, we dream of the warm summer months ahead of us. But what can we do while we’re awaiting their arrival?

Find out our top tips for a healthy and refreshing night’s sleep during these colder months.

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We can totally relate to how tempting it is at this time of year to curl up with a blanket and begin a long day of hibernation, however this is not healthy for your sleep schedule. Sleeping for too long will affect your sleep for the next few days and will make the work week even more stressful than usual, no matter how amazing it feels at the time.


We can’t all afford to have the heating on for hours before bed and during the night and it can get very cold, leaving us shivering under our blankets before falling asleep. Investing in a hot water bottle will do the trick to keep you warm. Sleeping in a room with a higher temperature isn’t guaranteed to help you to rest more peacefully when night time rolls around, especially when you think about the added charges on your heating bill! Our bodies actually adjust to room temperature as we fall asleep, regardless of how cold that that temperature is. The ideal temperature for a good night’s sleep is somewhere between 18°C to 22°C and anything higher than this will leave you sweating and waking up feeling dehydrated. Heat up the room before bedtime and invest in a carpet if you don’t have one or use a large fluffy rug as warm flooring helps to maintain heat and don’t leave the radiator on overnight, no matter how tempted you may be.


It’s tempting to curl up into a ball to stay warm but it’s not ideal for a good night’s sleep.  As you probably know, the cold weather affects our joints, making them feel achey and sometimes even sore. Pulling your legs towards you is ineffective for helping this and, believe it or not, it won’t actually make you any warmer either. Stretching your legs and arms out helps to improve the flow of circulation, allowing blood to travel around your body easier, and, in turn leading to a warmer night’s rest.


Many of us lose the motivation to stay active when the temperature drops, opting instead to cuddle up under a fluffy blanket in our dressing gown and slippers. The comfort and warmth makes it easy to forget that exercising is the ideal way to warm up your body and help you to get ready for bed. Keeping yourself busy even improves your quality of sleep because when your body is tired, it is more likely to stay in a deep sleep – it needs the extra rest! And the best thing about this? You will feel more energetic than usual when you wake up. If you can bear to drag yourself off your sofa, it’s a win-win… Especially if you go for a walk through a park or woodland area to watch the snow fall, the frost hang from branches and the leaves crinkle below your feet.


During the colder months, it’s tempting to stuff ourselves with everything from meat to potatoes and anything in between, but we all know deep down that this isn’t the best way to increase our body heat. Sure, it’s nice to treat ourselves, but eating large meals close to bedtime only has a negative effect on our bodies as they are forced to work harder than usual to digest the food. This can lead to putting on weight and even affects your quality of sleep, making you wake up feeling bloated and groggy.

Do you sleep with a hot water bottle? Let us know in our poll below. If not, we recommend that you invest in one and look after yourself by sleeping well this season!

Sweet dreams!

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