Did you know this about ruby chocolate?

Nestlé have made headlines again with the introduction of pink ‘ruby chocolate’ and the promise of its “intense fruity taste”. The product was initially announced in September 2017 and it has been confirmed that the unique flavour and colour will be initially available as a four-finger Kit Kat and will be hitting our shelves next week – from the 16th April to be exact!

The bar may sound sickly sweet but, believe it or not, Nestlé have insisted that the taste is ‘lighter’ than milk chocolate and not as sweet.

Ok, so it may look and sound delicious but is it natural?

Yes! The chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans which are grown in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. No colours, additives or flavours are required to make the bars. Nestlé have described the taste as “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness” and claim that it has gone down a treat with product taster testers.

Are there any other flavours?

You might not have much luck finding unusual flavours of chocolate in the UK and America but anyone who has visited Japan or who is lucky enough to have friends or family who supply them with tasty treats won’t be so surprised by the addition. The term ‘Kit Kat’ in Japanese approximates to “kitto katsu”, which is a Japanese expression meaning ‘good luck’, or, more literally: “surely win”. As you can probably imagine, this has led Kit Kats to become an incredibly popular treat and gift, especially for those who are in need of some good fortune – especially for students who have an upcoming test! Japan is known for its unique tastes and dishes, so Nestlé can’t be blamed for taking their opportunity to capitalise on the adventurous taste buds of the Japanese and visitors of Japan and get a little (ok, a lot) creative.

Believe it or not, Japan has seen over 300 flavours of Kit Kat hit their shelves since 2000, although many are limited-edition or seasonal – otherwise the shops would have to be huge to fit all of the options! They have seen everything from Chocobanana to ‘i-Stick’ (frozen dark chocolate) and even Blueberry Cheesecake.

Don’t start thinking they haven’t created any not-so-sweet options too though! From ‘Beni Imo’ (purple sweet potato) to Pumpkin, Cappuccino, Wasabi and Green Tea, taste buds must have almost exploded across the country countless times. They have even had (slightly) alcohol-fuelled choices like Brandy Orange available! And, for those in denial about cheating on their diets, there is the addition of everything from Strawberry Milkshake to Melon, Apple and even Watermelon flavours. Apple vinegar is another strange one if there aren’t enough mentioned above to get you scratching your head…

Adventurous eaters will definitely get fat whilst visiting and may need to book themselves an extra seat on the plane home after enjoying all of the options available! Don’t worry though, we’re not judging – in fact, we’re currently researching ticket prices…

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