New year, new you?

With the change of the calendar, it’s easy to get carried away with compiling a list of resolutions to change your life for the year ahead – it’s ok, we all do it! But then we realise we’re not even half-way through January and, in all honesty, the temptation to give up is already becoming too strong. Whether you have decided that you want to cut out old friends from your life, begin eating healthier or book a holiday to look forward to, pace yourself, take it one day at a time and, most importantly, enjoy the year ahead! Don’t panic if you don’t have success with all your resolutions right away – every day is a fresh page and a chance to try something new!

As famously said by Herman Cain, “Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Where ever you visit, always be on the look-out for other people who look like they may want some company as spending time with like-minded people is not only fun, but also a great way to keep your brain active, alert and serotonin-fuelled. And if you don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, maybe we can inspire you! 

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Just because the calendar has changed doesn’t mean you have to start jogging to the gym every weekend in your brand new jogging pants, nursing your hangover with a bottle of fresh water because it seemed rude not to go out for a ‘quick drink’ that turned into a wild night out. At a gym you can boost your social life by making supportive friends while staying active at the same time. You can enjoy swimming, running on a treadmill, using cycle bikes and weightlifting in a safe, private environment, however some memberships can be surprisingly expensive. If you are unsure whether you will be able to keep your resolution past January, why not see if your local gym offers by-monthly deals or even daily passes to access their gym equipment and pool… some gyms even have saunas and hot tubs!

Healthy living on a budget is easy to arrange. When the weather is nice, a jog or cycle around the park by yourself or with friends is a simple way to get some fresh air! You could also join an indoor or outdoor gym and activity group, attend a yoga session or sign up for a sports team or dance class. Google, Pinterest and YouTube are just some of the countless websites that are full to the brim with exercise ideas and tutorials.

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If you can’t bear the taste of healthy foods, get a juicer ordered and find some delicious recipes on Google or Pinterest. Don’t calorie count, instead change your mindset. Wholemeal bread may not taste as good but it’s much healthier than white bread, cook your meals in healthy oils like olive oil and try to use the oven whenever possible – microwaves might be amazingly quick and convenient to use but they’re never the healthiest option. Add an extra handful of vegetables to your pasta bakes and try to enjoy some fruit without a bowl full of chocolate to dip it in… although it can’t be denied that chocolate fondues are a delicious treat! Healthy alternatives of most treats are available, from icecream to chips, so there’s no excuse to live a little healthier this year!

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Have the perfect travel experience with a little bit of planning and preparation. There are countless Google and Pinterest posts which detail and recommend landmarks to visit and upcoming events – there are so many places waiting to be explored. Also, you can learn local customs of pretty much everywhere on earth while checking which plug connector you need to take to make sure you can straighten your hair and your phone battery won’t die. Whether you’re desperate to visit a beach full of flamingos, explore a walk-in cave or take a dip in stunning hot springs, you will find it all and more. Always try to learn a few keywords before visiting a new place to speak to locals in their home language. Words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘toilet’ will make all the difference. Other great terms include ‘how much?’ (for when asking for unmarked prices), and ‘where is the party?’ (FYI, in Spain, it’s “dónde esta la fiesta?” – get it memorised!).

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Maybe you want to have more new experiences this year. There are countless options for all times of the year – regardless of the weather! Have a browse on Google to find something a little different – maybe there’s a telescope group held in your area, a museum you’ve never visited or even a local petting zoo. Hoping for something a little more relaxing after a busy week at work? Why not search Google to find someone who can take you on horse and carriage ride around the local park or book in at a spa to give yourself some self-care and enjoy a refreshing change of pace.

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Whether you want to learn to play an instrument or improve your skills, learn a new language (maybe for a holiday you’re going on!) or want to start a college course, do your research and find the best tutors you can afford. So much can be learnt online nowadays, you might find some free courses (or great YouTube videos) that mean you don’t have to leave the house and can learn in your own time. If you like the social aspect of learning, you can find groups for pretty much everything you can think of! Keep your brain active by reading books, download some brain training games for your phone or tablet and refresh your cooking skills while you’re at it! Why not find some new recipes for your favourite meals and mix things up a little?

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No matter where you are or what you do, have yourself a wonderful 2018 and make the most out of every moment, even if that moment involves putting your feet up by the fire with a delicious fresh coffee and a biscuit selection box! Resolutions aren’t supposed to be a chore and if it’s feels like they’re becoming tedious, take a refreshing break or three before you totally give up on them!

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