Have you been using moisturiser properly? Us neither…

Do you find that you only remember to moisturise when your skin is dry or during this colder time of the year? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us make the common mistake of only applying moisturiser when we get dry skin, as opposed to using it daily to prevent skin becoming dry in the first place! Creams should be applied after washing but before your skin has completely dried. It’s better to moisturise wet skin not dry skin because whilst your skin is wet it is being rehydrated and will appreciate the added moisture provided by the cream.

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It doesn’t matter how dry your skin is – you shouldn’t use more moisturiser than you would when it’s not dry. The excess cream is useless as it will only sit as an extra layer on your skin, clogging your pores as your skin is unable to absorb it. This can actually lead to overly dry skin. We know, it isn’t fair! The same goes for when we overuse moisturiser. Using it on too much of a regular basis is damaging for our delicate skin and leads to it becoming dependent on moisturiser. As you can probably imagine, this effectively makes your skin lazy and makes it look tired and dull. 


According to experts at WebMD, we should be using a nickel-sized splodge for our whole face. In British terms, this equates to slightly larger than a penny, which as you know, is really not that much. Moisturiser also shouldn’t be applied more than twice a day. Using much more than this more than twice daily is a quick way to suffocate your skin and pores, doing you no favours. The effects can be damaging for your skin in both the short and long-term. 


We know what you’re thinking but yes, just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use moisturiser or that the cream will make it worse. Our skin produces a natural oil called ‘sebum’ and without moisturiser, your skin will actually begin overproducing it in higher quantities in an attempt to keep itself naturally moisturised.


In short: yes, you do. A longer explanation is that yes, we all do, regardless of our skin type. To protect our skin from UV-damage and excessive ageing we should use a SPF moisturiser every morning before leaving the house. We know it’s not ideal to buy two moisturisers (an SPF one for the day and a normal one for the evenings), but as long as they have good lengths of expiry dates, it’s definitely worth the extra cost.


Yes, remember the phrase: ‘cleanse, tone, treat, moisturise’ and you can’t go wrong. Many of us are lazy with our skin and just splodge on creams in the morning and before bed but getting into a routine is a great way of keeping your skin refreshed all year round.
Ideally, you should begin by cleansing with a simple liquid cleanser and water, tone with a quality toner, treat with a blemish or acne cream if necessary and finish with moisturiser. Always take the time to check Google or Amazon for reviews before going on a skin care shopping trip to ensure you choose quality products that don’t strip skin of natural oils or lead to spot breakouts for a large number of customers. If you have oily skin, for example, search specifically for skin care products for oily skin. You get the picture!

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