#LoveWins: what does it mean?

It’s officially two years since love won and today you might find that your social media feeds are full of the hashtag #LoveWins along with colourful photos and images. But what does it actually mean? Ok, we don’t expect you to remember every day of the calendar so will give you a little reminder…

LoveWins White House Light Show

Friday 26th June 2015 marked a new day in history for Americans and many people across the globe. Although divided in opinions, America’s Supreme Court officially ruled that same-sex couples would have the right to marry nationwide. This notion literally overruled the fact that each state follows separate laws, meaning that a total of 14 states had their gay marriage bans revoked, whether they liked it or not. And can we just add that it’s so romantic that the ruling happened within four days of National Kissing Day!

With reactions varying from some being ecstatic to others being either irritated or simply uninterested by the ruling, it cannot be denied that this was written as a major day in history. Gay rights campaigners worldwide enthusiastically celebrated the ruling, with thousands adorning Twitter and Instagram with the quick-to-trend hashtag #LoveWins. Even President Obama joined in to write a tweet sharing the popular tag. To further share their support, many over-layed their social networking profile pictures with rainbow colours after the ruling was finalised.

Within 24 hours of the ruling taking place, landmarks throughout America coordinated rainbow light shows in support of pride. The buildings and landmarks that were embellished with beautiful rainbow designs included the White House, the Empire State Building and even the Niagra Falls.

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