Prepare your crystals for tonight’s Hunter’s Full Moon

Have you got your crystals ready to be recharged and re-energised by the positive energies from the tenth full moon of the year for the next few days? That’s right – days. Not just tonight! We’re expecting a special moon again tonight which has been named the Hunter’s Moon. Believe it or not, the moon has appeared full since Saturday morning and will continue to stay full until early Tuesday morning, but it peaks tonight, as its Earth-facing side will be illuminated by the sun. This month’s Hunter’s Moon has been expected to be 14% smaller than the size of the average full moon.

In astrology, full moons represent fulfilment, completion and, of course, the transfer of energy to our precious and semi-precious crystals.


Nowadays, it is more commonly known as the Blood Moon due to its wonderful red-orange colour, but its original name dates back centuries and is actually the name given to the first full moon that falls after September’s Harvest Moon each year. Folklore stories say that Native American tribes named the full moons and chose the name ‘the Hunter’s Moon’ for a simple reason: because it coincided with the time they were preparing to go hunting so they could stockpile animals in time for winter. The names chosen by the Native Americans were adopted by European settlers and passed down to us.

During autumn, sunset and moon-rise are closer together than usual and this gave farmers the chance to be active longer into the night, working on their fields which were illuminated by the moonlight. And that also explains why last month’s Harvest Moon was named – because crops could be harvested under the moonlight.


Deborah Byrd, a science communicator, has explained that the amazing shade of colour which gives the moon the commonly-known name ‘Blood Moon’ is due to the positioning of the moon. “The location of the moon near the horizon [is what] causes the Hunter’s Moon – or any Full Moon – to look big and orange in colour.”


October’s Hunter’s Moon is associated with the Aries zodiac, due to it being the Fire sign. Aries is known for energy, passion and temper, so make sure you take advantage of the extra energy given off to revitalise your crystals and crystal jewellery.


Organise your crystals on a wooden or natural cloth material surface and place them on a windowsill which faces the moon. You could also put them outdoors if you have a private garden space and if you’ll be able to collect them in the morning before the sun comes out and puts them at risk of their colours fading in the natural light. You can also put them in view of the moonlight tomorrow night and Tuesday night to give them an extra boost.

Your crystal and crystal jewellery will be charged and energised even if the sky is cloudy, but if it isn’t and you can see the beautiful colours of the moon, why not get yourself a hot chocolate or a cup of tea and a blanket and enjoy the beautiful and natural show before bed? If I could see it from where I live, I wouldn’t be sitting in front of the TV, that’s for sure.

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