Healthier chocolate means we can eat more, right?

Chocolate is the best treat. Whether it’s on its own, in cake, in a brownie form, smothered on the top of pancakes, or even dipped into a deep fat fryer… anything you can think of is possible when it comes to cooking. The only problem? It’s a diet breaker. Moderation is far easier said than done and once the taste passes our lips, we just can’t help ourselves.

Nestlé wants to help those of us who get carried away and can eat a large bar of chocolate in one sitting. And they didn’t stop there… They have even announced a PINK berry flavoured chocolate bar. Could we be more thankful? Probably not!

So, what do Nestlé have planned?

They claim to have discovered a way to ‘restructure’ the way the sugar used in their production process to produce a white chocolate bar with as much as 30% less sugar than the current Milkybar. Once they have done this, we are hopeful that they will be able to put the same process to use for milk and dark chocolate for use in bars, biscuits and cake!

The initial product created will be named ‘Milkybar Wowsomes’ and, for those that are interested, the process involves spraying sugar, milk and water into warm air and drying the mixture. Sounds technical, doesn’t it?! We can only hope it will be ready soon and that it will taste exactly the same as the current options in stores, if not better… Fingers crossed!

Wait, what’s this about berry flavoured chocolate?

For chocolate lovers, the good news doesn’t end with the excitement of healthier options! Nestlé are also in the process of developing a pink coloured ‘ruby chocolate’ bar. The flavour will be berry-like and they say it is likely to hit our shelves during spring time next year! Hopefully they aren’t making any promises they can’t keep as I know for sure that my taste buds are already excited by the concept and I can’t believe that I’m the only one!

Keep your eyes peeled for more chocolate-related news as and when more is known and let us know what you think about the new announcements in the comments.

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