How to have the best Halloween ever!

Many of us seem to forget about Halloween. As soon as November rolls around, people begin talking about Christmas decorations and planning where they will buy their tree. Before Bonfire Night and Christmas grace our calendars, put down those comfy slippers and start practising some spooky makeup techniques courtesy of YouTube to transform yourself into a terrifying monster who loves to party!

Whether you’re staying in and giving out treats, enjoying a night out or hiding behind the sofa as people knock on the door because you ate all the candy (oops!), you can still have a spooktacular time.

The Ideal Costume
Spend your Halloween this year (or next – you have more than enough time to practise!) being complimented on your incredible make up skills courtesy of Pinterest. With countless terrifying make up and fake scar tutorials all over the Internet, you have no excuse not to go all out and terrify the living daylights out of everyone you see! Yes, many of us are terrified by the idea of using freaky contact lenses, but you can do everything else with a face painting pallet, a sponge and, for fake scars, some painted tissue paper! Yes, really. There are also numerous spooky nail varnish ideas and tutorials to complete your outfit, with tutorials covering everything from spider webs to bloody handprints and even Frankenstein inspired nail designs.

Pumpkin Treats
Don’t forget to collect a pumpkin or two to carve in time for Hallows Eve from a local supermarket or a pumpkin patch. Whether you use a sharp knife or a drill to create numerous holes (yes, this is actually a thing!), you can create wonderfully frightening designs – and don’t feel embarassed to accept the assistance of a printed template from Google or Pinterest! For those that enjoy making the most out of the contents of the pumpkin, why not try roasting some pumpkin seeds or bake some pumpkin bread for the perfect treat?! Before the season is over, spice up your days with a pumpkin seed latte from a local cafe and find out what pumpkin-spiced treats your local supermarket has to offer!

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