How to find bargain designer clothes locally

Whether you’re a self-declared penny-pincher or a part-time bargain hunter, it can’t be denied that we all love a good deal. Charity shops aren’t just for grandmas looking for a flared skirt and comfortable cardigan in time for summer. Pastels, polka dots, florals, stripes, flamingo patterns – there are so many options to choose from and you can find them all and more on the high street.

Whilst browsing the expensive shops to kit out your wardrobe with a new collection of summer wear, take a step into your local charity shops and see if you can find something that looks brand new without the expensive price tag.

Ok, granted, so you might be rifling through a rail of last-season goods, but who can say no to designer gear at a fraction of the original price? ‘Fashion trends’ is a term made up by high-profile designers who want to help you to justify spending your hard-earned wages on their overly expensive designs. And for what? So you can wear it for a year before it’s declared as ‘so last season’ and you casually toss it in the ‘for charity’ pile? 


Whether you’re looking for a frilly t-shirt, short shorts, a lace cardigan or even sunglasses and a summer hat, don’t be embarrassed to shop at a discount. Instead, be proud that you’re treating yourself while donating money to charity. You might even find something brand new with the price tag still on it! Sometimes the tag will say £10 and the shop will be selling it for £5… And no, the shop assistants won’t have made a mistake. Anything is possible when browsing charity shops… your new favourite dress and heels might be around the corner! Or maybe you’ll find a hilarious jumpsuit just waiting to be worn to a dress up party… And you’ll know the money is all going towards a good cause, whether health-related, age-related or disability-related… it’s all good.


If you live in a high-income area or will be visiting one, make time to visit a couple of the local charity shops. Designer outfits at a not-so-designer cost? Yes, please! Remember though, it’s not only rich people who donate things that they’ve never actually worn – many charity shops actually receive donations from shops themselves.

Did you know that the British Heart Foundation were gifted 3,000 Items from Pretty Little Thing this year? Charity shops don’t sell brand new donated items at face value (the price you’d find them at PLT, in this case) so you will find everything brand new but at a discount. Despite spreading the stock across the charity shops, they still have bags of items in the back rooms, waiting for space to be made on the shelves. Bag yourself a bargain – you deserve it!

Before you turn your nose up at the idea of browsing a charity shop in preparation for your next big night out, a casual day sprawled on the sofa binge-watching Netflix or even a holiday, think twice and spend just 5 minutes in your local store. You might be pleasantly surprised… and you might leave with a bargain!

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