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Change up your weekends with fun – and relaxing – activities to keep everyone active and smiling! We have compiled our favourite bucket list ideas to get you out in the sunshine (or to help you hide from the sunshine and your hay fever) whether you’re spending the day by yourself or with your nearest and dearest(s)! What’s the point in sitting in front of the TV when you could be making the most out of life?!

Whether you’re looking for the ideal active, relaxing or social activity, you will find all the inspiration you need here! It’s so unfair that it’s dangerous to spend too long in the sunshine and that it damages our skin and can leave us with painful headaches but we have listed some fun indoor activities too. And if your hay fever is literally rendering you house-bound and the idea of a day out seems like it will be impossible until autumn rolls around, never fear – we’ve got you covered!

The following activities can be enjoyed alone or with your loved ones, whether your partner, children or friends.


There is so much incredible artistic talent in this world just waiting to be seen!

• Explore a museum. 

• Visit an art gallery. You might even leave feeling inspired to start an art project!

• Attend an indoor craft fair.

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The water is cooling, relaxing and warm at this time of year. Make the most of it but stay covered up and reapply sun cream regularly if you’re going for a dip outdoors!

• Kick boring summer days to the curb and find a local outdoor pool to show off your diving skills. Enjoy a refreshing swim – just don’t forget to bring a towel;

• Visit an outdoor water park and race down the slides;

• Find a kayaking or canoeing lake with rentable equipment;

• Go on a jet ski at the beach after dipping your toes in the sea;

• Take a surfing or paddle-boarding lesson and try something new;

• There are water-based Total Wipe out style activity courses worldwide and they are the perfect way to spend a sunny day. They have trampolines, beams, slides and more!

• Take a trip to a sea life centre to be reminded of the beauty of the natural world;

• Visit an indoor swimming pool and stay cool by hiding from the roasting sunshine;

• Have a water fight in the garden while the barbecue heats up (don’t forget to put a cover over the hot coals before they get wet!)

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Enjoy your summer at top speed this year with some fun activities!

• Scream the day away at a theme park

• Visit a fair and enjoy the rides, fresh donuts and cotton candy

• Show off your driving skills at a go-karting or quad biking track

• Take a skydiving lesson – this might not be the cheapest day out but it will be an exhilarating experience and a fun memory to share with your nearest and dearest! Just don’t book it without being sure that whoever you’re taking doesn’t have a crippling fear of heights or they may never leave the ground…

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Pack up your sun cream, sun hat and water and take a trip on either the wild side or the most relaxing side possible!

• Visit a country fair with beautiful stalls full of everything from arts and crafts to fresh meats and maybe even a good quality leather stall. Many fairs feature dog or horse shows and target shooting practise, with everything from bows and arrows to clay pigeon shooting to either get some practise or show off your skills.

• Go hiking or for a walk in the woods and breathe in the fresh air of the world around you. LOTS of water will be needed if you’re going far – and thin layers if it’s a safe journey.

• Dig out your tent and have a camp out with a bonfire, marshmallows and ghost stories. Whether you camp in the back garden or travel to the woods, watch the sun set and try your best to wake up early enough to watch the beauty of the sun coming up.

• Go mini-golfing.

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Visit animals in their natural habitats and be reminded of how much beauty there is in the world.

• Visit a zoo and take along a romantic picnic – just don’t sit too close to the monkeys or they may try to get a lick of your ice cream!

• Visit Knowsley Safari Park or a similar alternative and drive around to see the animals living and playing happily. Be prepared for the monkeys that might climb on your car and try to steal your antenna!

• Go horseback riding at a local stable or see if you can find a beach where horse owners take their horses to be ridden for a small fee.

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Sometimes we just need our life to revolve around good food so here are our favourite food and drink orientated activities! For most of them, you can just grab your favourite snacks and watch the world go by.

• Visit a farmer’s market and browse the stalls full of natural and organic fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers and other things for sale. If you have hay fever, take some extra spending money to buy some local honey! Find out why in our blog post.

• Visit a fruit picking farm and collect everything from berries to apples and even rhubarb. If you enjoy a specific type of fruit, check their website beforehand to make sure you won’t leave feeling disappointed! Take home your haul and enjoy eating fresh and organic fruit with yoghurt, cake, ice cream or in a homemade pie.

• Start a vegetable, herb or flower garden while the sun is shining! It’s a great way to stay active and a great excuse to get out of the house every day to maintain and water the garden.

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The sky is nice and clear and you want to go out and do something but you just really can’t be bothered actually doing anything. Sounds relatable? We totally get it. Some days are for relaxing.

• Pack a keep-cool bag and go for a picnic in the park or at the beach. Take along a picnic blanket, towels, a bottle of wine, plastic cups and LOTS of water. And maybe a kite if there’s a little wind in the air… Why not take a bottle of wine and, depending on the rules of the park, light a bonfire with some marshmallows to roast!

• Collapse on the beach and watch the clouds move across the sky while reading a good book or your favourite magazine before taking a dip in the sea. Watch the beautiful colours as the sun goes down and take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature first-hand.

• Enjoy a romantic dinner under the night sky. Whether home cooked and enjoyed in the back garden or at a tasty restaurant, everything is more romantic underneath the twinkling light of the stars.

• Browse the Internet for an outdoor wine tasting event under the stars.

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If you’re spending time with someone else or a group of people, get to know each other better with our fun ideas!

• Watch (or play!) each other’s favourite movies or sports.

• Book tickets for a sports match to attend with your nearest and dearest or attend a stadium tour to see the team’s trophies and explore backstage at the stadium. Many tour guides will take you to visit everything from the player’s locker room to the boxes where VIPs sit by the pitch on match days.

• Browse a local bookstore or library and each find your favourite book for another family member or your partner to buy and take home.

• Attend a comic-con (a comic book convention) and dress up as your favourite comic book character.

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Are you hiding from the roasting sunshine or your overwhelming hay fever? Take some time to relax with a magazine or try some other activities to keep you active!

• Visit an arcade and win a cute teddy (or three) to take home;

• Play video games in your pyjamas;

• Buy a jokes book and make everyone laugh until they cry;

• Go window shopping and get to know each other’s tastes;

• Go for a short walk and stop every time you see a garage sale and have a browse for long-lost treasures;

• Visit the cinema and buy tickets for the first movie title that catches your eye.

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