Interested in working with Her Next Smile?

If you are an influencer, blogger or just a jewellery lover, why not become an ambassador?

Get 30% off everything

Receive a 30% discount with Her Next Smile as long for as you're an ambassador.

Receive 20% commission

If someone places an order using your unique discount code, you'll receive 20% commission within 24 hours directly to your PayPal account - no strings attached.

Offer 20% discounts

Be able to offer your friends and family 20% off their orders using your unique discount code

Support British business

Support a small British company and promote high quality handmade products.

    Please mention any other places you would promote your discount code



    The benefits of becoming an ambassador:

    ⦁ You could make some money – but you won’t lose any. Commission is sent directly to you. It doesn’t just sit in your Her Next Smile account, waiting to be spent on my products. You do what you want with it.

    ⦁ You promote your unique discount code on your schedule

    ⦁ You don’t need any experience in marketing and sales, but you will gain it

    ⦁ You will have the option to complete quarterly surveys and recommend product ideas, improvements and any other considerations. Her Next Smile is run by me to benefit YOU.

    What’s the difference between this and joining a MLM?

    ⦁ There’s no introductory fee.

    ⦁ You don’t have to buy boxes of items from me and make space to store them.

    ⦁ You’re not required to hit sales targets.

    ⦁ You won’t be pressured to message old friends and strangers to make sales or recruit them.