Have you seen these alternative christmas trees?!

It’s officially the first of December and the chocolately goodness of our advent calendar countdown to Christmas has begun! But how ready are you for Christmas? Have you put up your tree yet this year? Whether you usually decorate your green or white tree with flashing fairy lights, baubles, tinsel and festive ornaments or prefer to take a more individual approach, Christmas is a time for a fun array of colours.

Take a look at our favourite weird, wacky and downright obscure trees to get you into the festive spirit of the season!

Cat in a Christmas tree


We’re going to start with the strangest tree we’ve found … the upside-down tree! Turn things on their head (literally) this winter. “Why?” you ask… Well, why not?! It will definitely stand out to visitors and will have everyone talking! Just make sure it’s attached to the ceiling properly so there are no breakages if your curious, naughty cat gets too close and goes for a climb…

Upside Down Christmas Tree Will Be a Tradition in My Home!

Source: homestoriesatoz.com


Mix things up this year and decorate your tree with LOTS of colourful (preferably fake if it’s going to be up more than a few days) flowers. Feminine, eye-catching and beautiful, this tree is definitely unique and special.

Image result for flower christmas tree

Source: countryliving.com


Living in a tiny apartment that can’t even fit a small tree? Some people have taken to decorating items as obscure as pineapples. Yes, really. Just look at these painted ones that have been decorated with baubles and fairy lights!

How to Decorate a Pineapple Christmas Tree

Source: costalliving.com


Do you usually top your Christmas tree with an angel or a silver star? Have you considered going with something a little more unusual like a snowflake or even a snowman? This white snowman-inspired tree also has an elf stuck through the centre … funny for the little ones but not required.

Source: craftymorning.com


Instead of spending the festive season cleaning up pine needles, why not decorate your home with a simple wooden Christmas tree?! It looks festive, can be easily decorated and is ideal for small spaces!

Christmas tree made of wood... This is too damn cute! Love love love it! <3

Source: kararosenlund.com


Another idea for small spaces is a tree attached to a wall space, like this one that can be made from driftwood or tree branches and high quality string. We love that it is a DIY project as you can get creative and personalise it like any other tree before decorating it with baubles to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in your home!

Frosted Branches Hanging Tree - Small | Christmas Trees | Cox & Cox

Source: coxandcox.co.uk


We all know that cats will climb literally everything they can get their hands (ok, paws) on. So what can cat owners do at this time of year to cope with the never-ending risk of waking up to find a collapsed tree and smashed baubles? This half tree is the ideal option, assuming you can stop your furry friend from climbing the bark…

Half Christmas tree

Source: argos.co.uk

Have you seen any weird, wacky and wonderful trees we haven’t included? Let us know below!

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  1. Omg LOVING the pineapple one!! I think my favourite is the floral tree though 😍 I need to get more creative! Can’t wait to read more of your festive posts 🌲☃

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