A guide to wearing & carrying crystals

Throughout history, semi-precious and precious crystals have been incorporated into a variety of decorative objects, from standard items like bowls to more surprising things like kitchen countertops. But do you carry them around with you throughout the day? If so, you’re not alone! But how much do you know about wearing and carrying crystals? Let us tell you the basics!


To make the most out of the energies which crystals emit, many people carry stones with them in their pockets, bag, purse and even in their bra but the most common use for crystals and gemstones is within jewellery. From necklaces to bracelets, earrings, rings and even brooches, many people like to wear gemstones close to their skin to be carried around with them on a daily basis. Wearing crystals is an effective and convenient way of cleansing your day of negative energies and also assists with crystal healing.

Most of the pendants we sell at Her Next Smile fall between the throat and heart, stimulating these chakras and helping you to define your space and needs. If you order your necklace with an extension chain, you can lower the pendant closer to your heart to assist with your emotional state or tighten your necklace to bring the pendant closer to your throat to aid with your communication and artistic skills.

Try to avoid wearing and/or carrying crystals which have different effects at the same time because using a variety of stones may confuse the energy message sent to the body, for example Carnelian is energising and Amethyst is relaxing… It’s also important to remember not to become dependant on your crystals and to have a couple of days without carrying any with you from time to time.


Have you woken up with headache? It sounds like a good day to wear one an Amethyst bracelet. Maybe you feel like it’s going to be a long and stressful day and you want some emotional protection? Try Onyx – we stock some beautiful Onyx and Rose Quartz bracelets, as well as Onyx earrings. Even as far back as in the Stone Age (2.5 million years ago), crystals were worn for both decorative purposes and as protection. If you’re nervous about a job interview, delivering a speech or anything else which requires you to talk with confidence, wear Sodalite jewellery or carry one of our customisable keyrings with you which can be attached to your bra strap or trouser belt buckle. It’s known as the ‘poet’s stone’ for a reason! If you need to feel compassion with even the most irritating customers (or your boss – don’t worry, we won’t tell!), wear a Rose Quartz necklace pendant to be soothed by its loving energies.

If you are feeling happy and healthy and don’t feel like you need to carry crystals for a specific reason, you should let your intuition choose. We’re not saying you should randomly pick up a crystal without paying much attention, but instead, you should take a look at your crystals which are a size that is convenient to carry with you and take a moment to see which you are drawn to. Once you have noticed yourself being drawn to a specific crystal, don’t just assume that this means you should carry it with you every day. Put the crystal back in its place when you get home so you can intuitively choose a stone the following day. You might end up choosing the same one again, or you might be drawn to something else! This is because on different days, your body has different needs and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


When wearing crystals while out and about, they collect more energies than they would while sitting in your home. They can absorb the energies everyone you pass of the street, everyone in your office and everyone on the crowded bus. Even crystals sitting in your home – no matter where you keep them – need cleansing and energising regularly as they absorb your personal energies. Place your crystal(s) on a crystal cluster at night (preferably use clear Quartz or Selenite) or use another effective cleansing method – check out our cleansing guide for inspiration. Neglecting to cleanse your jewellery can affect the way it will process negative and unbalanced energies and may even reflect them back into your auric field, defeating the entire point of wearing it.

Browse our selection of crystal earrings to help balance your throat, neck and head energies and our selection of crystal bracelets which can balance your whole body. What’s your favourite type of crystal jewellery? Let us know in the comments!

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