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By beccyjane, Apr 24 2017 01:14PM

Hair is something that we all hope will last a lifetime. Over time, your luscious locks can become weak and lifeless. It starts to feel like you will never have strong and vibrant hair again… So, what can you do? Why not try some of our top tips and see how your hair becomes revitalised!

1. Change your shower routine

If you shower more than 2 or 3 times a week, use a hair grip to keep your hair out of the water every other day - your locks should not be washed more than 3 times in one week. Hot water can also be very damaging for hair and should be avoided.

2. Treat your hair to some cold water

Next time you have a bath or shower, try (quickly) washing your hair with some cold water. Depending on how you deal with the cold, use a little or a lot. If the water is too cold on your scalp, you may collapse from shock... but otherwise, this simple trick revitalises your roots and after a few washes you should start to notice the difference with shinier and smoother hair.

Some tried and tested techniques for using minimum amounts of cold water:

In the shower, turn down the temperature slightly (while facing the shower head away from your skin!) and rinse the water over your hair. Brush it through and repeat. Perfecting this technique will mean the water never touches your skin, although for those not a fan of the cold, this works with even with just a splash of cold water.

Don't forget to use a hair grip to keep your cold hair off your skin while you get out of the shower!

3. Massage your scalp

When using conditioner, massage it into your scalp to help it work its way to your roots. This process allows the conditioner to work better, while the massage strengthens your scalp. It's important to be quite rough and not gentle with your roots - as long as you don't end up with a headache! The more often you massage, the stronger your hair will become, preventing strands from falling out. This will in time lead to thicker hair.

4. Use less of the heat products

I remember hearing about a girl at high school who's hair was thinning because of heat-overuse and I just couldn't believe it - could this really be possible for a teenager? After walking by her in the corridor one day, I saw for myself that the years of keeping up her 'signature look' of pencil-straight bleached blonde hair had not been kind to her.

Many people get out of the shower/bath and are straight over to their hairdryer. Hair hates the heat, especially when it is still damp. Hair also doesn't react particulary well to be wrapped in a towel (often referred to as a ‘turban towel’).

Instead of doing this, try dabbing your hair with a dry towel and massaging the roots. A common misconception is that putting your hair in a towel is enough to fully dry it, however, it is worth releasing your hair occasionally and brushing it through. Maybe put it up in a clip – this allows it to dry naturally while keeping your damp hair off your neck. With enough time, this method will completely dry your hair, but if you have places to be and must use a hair dryer, at least use the lowest heat setting to prevent causing damage.

The same goes with straighteners… although for unruly curly hair, the oils and proteins in avocados have incredible powers in smoothing the hair (apparently…). I cannot say I have tried this myself, but all you have to do is mash up an avocado and apply it to clean, damp hair. Just don’t forget to wash it out! If you're not feeling adventurous, invest in some heat-defence spray and follow the instructions to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy.

5. Stop using tight bobbles

Many ballerinas who tie their hair up tightly every day can tell you that after a while, your hair will begin to pull from the roots, leaving bald patches which can often be painful. Before using a hair bobble, always give it a stretch (like you would do with a balloon!) to loosen the elastic.

Many people find it effective to tie their hair up before bed time to prevent waking up with a face full of hair, or worse, getting spots from oils in the hair rubbing against your skin. While it is useful for many reasons, try tying your hair in a simple plait before bed instead of doing a ponytail or bun as these can pull hair out and lead to headaches if tied too tightly.

These are not one-off cures for luscious locks!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you to improve the quality of your locks. They need repeating and are not a one-off cure for getting healthy hair. Over time, you should start to notice the benefits as your hair becomes shinier and stronger, meaning the strands will break less easily, leaving you with thick and luscious locks.

By unknown, Mar 8 2017 03:48PM

Looking for the perfect date idea to see her next smile? Doing something a little different is the perfect way to bond as a couple, show off different talents and skills and to allow you to get to know each other better. By spending time together doing different activities, you will be able to see what environments you both thrive in and most enjoy for a future of happiness together.

Take her for a date under the stars

Although this date idea may seem a little boring, but a picnic blanket, bottle of wine and some tasty snacks are a perfect addition to any outdoor date under the night sky. Maybe add a warm blanket if she is susceptible to the cold!

Spice it up with a telescope and some astronomy knowledge, courtesy of Google.

Take her for a luchtime picnic

Show that you remember her interests by spoiling her with her favourite foods, a bottle of wine and a comfy picnic basket. Maybe take a football, basketball or even your bikes for after the meal if she enjoys getting sporty!

Spice it up by finding a park that you've never been to before and find a nearby lake for a beautiful view while you eat. Maybe a view that's close-by to an ice cream truck for dessert...

Treat her to a home cooked meal

Show that you appreciate her by taking the time to cook her a romantic dinner. If she enjoys getting creative in the kitchen, why not invite her to help you cook? Organise a song playlist, open a bottle of wine and dance around the kitchen while you cook together. Meals to cook might include homemade burgers or meatballs, chicken fajita wraps or even homemade pizzas.

Spice it up by decorating the dining table with a romantic array of candles and some pretty flowers in a vase.

Take her for a day out at the Zoo

She may think it seems a little childish at first, but when she sees that you love all the cute litte creatures as much as she does, she will see just how thoughtful, caring and loving you really are!

Spice it up with a Zoo package. Many Zoos offer extra-cost private experiences, such as the opportunity to feed the animals.

Research local park events

Many large parks are the location for events such as plays, astronomy meetings or music events.

Spice it up by treating her to some new (waterproof) wellies, a picnic blanket and get in touch with the event organisers to confirm whether picnics and alcohol can be consumed during the event (if you don't check, you could be at risk of having things consfiscated).

Take her ice skating

Show her you're her hero by holding her hand and maybe allowing her to fall on you a few times! She will learn to put her trust in you as you both glide along the ice.

Spice it up by finding the perfect ice skating rink. A surprising amount offer alcohol and snacks - although don't get too drunk before getting on the ice!

Take her to a sports game

Find out what sports she enjoys (and, preferably, her favourite team) and surprise her with tickets to a match! Whether it's football, basketball or even figure skating, this is a perfect way to make her realise that you take an interest in her likes and dislikes. But if a sports date is your idea of a nightmare, don't let her catch you with earphones in!

Spice it up by organising a Stadium Tour for you both. Depending on the sport in question, many teams have stadiums which can be visited for days out.

Visit a local museum

If she loves anything artsy, why not take her to the museum with a fully charged camera, followed by a browse of the gift shop and maybe a cheeky visit to the museum cafe or restaurant!

Spice it up by researching the museum art pieces before the visit so that you can impress her with your artsy knowledge and wisdom!

Play a game (or three!) of laser tag - or go-karting

Got a sporty and energetic girl? Treat her to a fun game of laser tag or go-karting and either work together on the same team or get competitive and be on different teams!

Spice it up by inviting yours and her friends to get a large game going. Boys against girls maybe? Find a nearby restaurant or cafe afterwards to get the opportunity for all your friends to chat together properly (and if the girls are competitive, maybe make a bet that the losing team will pay the bill!).

Take a road trip

Take a travel in the car, or on a bus or train. Find somewhere neither of you have visited before and have fun exploring! Or just visit a beach and sunbathe ... happiness is key!

Spice it up with a road trip music playlist. Show that you care about her interests by playing some of her favourite songs and bands and have a sing-along with her!

Visit a tattoo shop

Although slightly controversial, the idea of couple tatts is perfect for some. Just beware of getting names inked onto your skin - if the relationship doesn't last forever like you hope, you could be left spending the rest of your life looking for another girl with the same name to spare you the horror of experiencing laser tattoo removal!

Spice it up with matching tattoo designs or by using matching colours in your designs for a cute Instagram-worthy photo!

Have a night out at a club

Show off your dance moves with a night out at a club! Find somewhere with music you both love and a relatively affordable drink menu...

Spice it up by inviting some of your friends and some of her friends to surprise her! She will love how thoughful you are and appreciate that you care about her happiness enough to invite her girly pals.

Visit a water park

Although not the best idea for a first date (you don't want her to think you're just interested in seeing her in her bikini!), a visit to a water park is a great way to let off some steam and take a break from the stresses of daily life! There are usually some slides you can race her down, plus a wave pool, fun slides and a snack area.

Spice it up by finding a water park that will allow you to use a waterproof camera (at your own risk, of course!) to get some snaps for your photo album. Some water parks have staff that circulate the pools and slides with cameras to get shots for their websites and/or social media.

Go sky diving

Although this is more expensive than the other activities, sky diving is a brilliant way of getting you both out of your comfort zones to try something new, exciting and downright exhilarating. It is definitely something a little different and is a great way to show her how fun and brave you are! Make sure that she is completely up for it before booking though - you may not be able to get a refund if she refuses to go up in the plane!

Spice it up by arranging a photographer to take snaps of you both on your way down. Some sky diving companies offer this as part of an activity package, although it is definitely worth checking!

We hope that you will be inspired to do something a little different next time you're organising a couples activity!

Have you tried any of these date ideas with your other half or do you have any more ideas that we have missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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